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A physicist by training, with over 10 years working as a renewable energy engineer. This background taught me to fiercely embody feminine power whilst being assertive and operating successfully in a male dominated profession.


Hannah trained to be a coach over 5 years ago at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) as well as Organisational and Systems Coaching training (ORSC) school. She has been working with both men and women to improve their lives since.

Her primary areas of focus are: 

  • Career Change coaching

  • Innovation and Mindset coaching

  • Relationship and Intimacy coaching

  • Life and Leadership coaching


Overall, Hannah specialises in how mindset impacts both our inner and outer world and works with her clients to promote a growth mindset to approach their life.






​A good coach alone will not invoke the change you desire in your life.

Real, lasting, powerful change arises in the committed partnership between you and your coach.

Powerful coaching occurs through reviewing one’s underlying beliefs, decisions and assumptions about ourselves and the world. 

Throughout the course of our lives, we adopt beliefs appropriate to that stage in life. These beliefs need to be revisited. The revisiting of beliefs is where new horizons and chapters of life arise. 

I partner with my clients to create transformation. They bring their readiness, I bring perspective, challenge and know-how. Together, we make magic possible.

My goal as a coach is to help wholehearted people create more fulfilling and growth centred lives.



Identify the best path forward during transitions in your professional life.


Negotiate masterfully for the position and pay rise you want


& Mindset

Supercharge creativity and performance by learning how to celebrate failure and welcome ideas. 

Unveil your underlying beliefs, assumptions and habits in order to mindfully choose which beliefs serve you.


& Intimacy 

Because it is one of the most vulnerable parts of our lives, our fear and conditioning shows up strongly. 

Work with your conditioning to become a vibrant, powerful, and more vulnerable partner and lover.


& Life

Take ownership of your internal value system that feeds and guides all of your behaviours and choices. 


Lead your most empowering and fulfilling life.



Rob K., Strategy and Design Engineer

"Hannah and I worked together over a year to prepare me for a major life and career change. I knew that I wanted to change a few things about myself before I set out on this adventure as they had been taking up too much head space for too long.


Through our sessions and the homework set by Hannah, which I always I ensured I did, we made some great progress very quickly. I used the toolkit we developed together frequently enough that it has become habit. 


By no means do I have nothing I want to improve now, but the thing we set out to work on were achieved and I now know that if my current tool kit does not suffice for future issues Hannah is there to help me work towards being the person I want to be."

Angelika B., Property Developer

“Working with Hannah was a defining moment in my 

professional career. It has been invigorating to work with her and was so grateful for how she developed and tailored  a career change program according to your needs. 

She has a great personality, filled with warmth but is also hugely brilliant. She understood how corporate life works and how best to navigate power dynamics there. Her insight, dedication and integrity were inspiring and motivated me to design my life.


She is a terrific coach and speaker. Without a doubt, it was an invaluable investment for my career and for my life in a way too. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to working with her in the future..”

Freya B., Entrepreneur

"I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah both as a private coaching client and as a workshop participant.


In both roles Hannah is calm, collected and knows her stuff!


In a group setting Hannah effortlessly and intuitively sets the right atmosphere and guides the group to get the best out of the session, and even under pressure maintains her air of kind, firm and wise leadership.


In one-one sessions Hannah is as gentle as she is intelligent, and her coaching sessions helped me find my way through a traumatic life event to regain my equilibrium and peace. "




Hannah is an expert workshop designer and facilitator. She has co-created four workshops on subjects ranging from rejection resilience, self esteem and assertiveness training, and sexuality.


She creates a safe space for group transformation and is masterful at combining gentleness with challenge. For upcoming dates on her workshops, see below. She is a passionate and skilled facilitator and believes that transformation is an experiential process.

Creative Courage

Fear of rejection in a workplace stifles creativity, productivity and joy. Over time, continued rejection without the resilience to counter it, can lead to mediocre work and poor mental health. 

In this one day workshop, we'll teach you how to build your courage and resilience in the face of potential rejection, allowing you to keep bringing new ideas to the table, going for what you want and innovating in your work. 

Rejection Resilience

The ability to handle rejection is critical in the dating and relationship world. Many people are too afraid to ask the person they like for a date or for what they want in a relationship, for fear of rejection. 


In this one day workshop we'll teach you how to build your resilience around rejection, allowing you to go after for what you want in relationships and be the seductive and confidant sovereign within. 


& Seduction

This 3 day weekend liberates women to claim their feminine birthright.


It is for women who want to create more intimacy, improve their relationship with their body and discover their incandescent self.

The Power

of Pleasure

This 2.5 day weekend workshop is for women who want to awaken their body and cultivate their senses.

It’s a weekend date with yourself to activate your wisdom for more physical health, wisdom, creativity and transcendence.

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