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Hannah is an expert workshop designer and facilitator. She has co-created four workshops on subjects ranging from resilience to self esteem building to sexuality.


She creates a safe space for group transformation and is masterful at combining gentleness with challenge. For upcoming dates on her workshops, see below.

Creative Courage

Fear of rejection in a workplace stifles creativity, productivity and joy. Over time, continued rejection without the resilience to counter it, can lead to mediocre work and poor mental health. 

In this one day workshop, we'll teach you how to build your courage and resilience in the face of potential rejection, allowing you to keep bringing new ideas to the table, going for what you want and innovating in your work. 

Rejection Resilience

The ability to handle rejection is critical in the dating and relationship world. Many people are too afraid to ask the person they like for a date or for what they want in a relationship, for fear of rejection. 


In this one day workshop we'll teach you how to build your resilience around rejection, allowing you to go after for what you want in relationships and be the seductive and confidant sovereign within. 


& Seduction

This 3 day weekend liberates women to claim their feminine sexual birthright.


It is for women who want to create more intimacy, improve their relationship with their body and discover the incandescent seductress within.

The Power

of Pleasure

This 2.5 day weekend workshop is for women who want to awaken their body and cultivate their sensuality.

It’s a weekend date with yourself to activate your erotic wisdom for more powerful orgasms, physical health, wisdom, creativity and transcendence.


Hannah is an expert, deft and powerful coach. Over the course of a weekend, and particularly in one deep exercise, she helped me completely change my mindset and let go of a belief that had been holding me back in the bedroom for well over a decade. I've seen her work with women with a wide range of experiences and trauma and she nurtures them and challenges them in ways that proved time and time again to be profoundly healing.



Hannah is a skilled listener, facilitator and teacher. She brings a lifetime of rich lived and learned experience into the room and knows exactly how and when to draw upon this wisdom for the benefit of all in attendance. She does this all with equal doses of warmth, humour and intellect.



Hannah is an experienced and intuitive facilitator and coach. Her presence means that her workshops are safe, judgement-free, relevant to the people in the room, and exciting. All this happens simply because Hannah listens, asks the right (& often challenging) questions and brings powerful content that she skilfully adapts to what is present in the room. She has a beautiful energy that also helps those suffering to see the light of possibility.



Hannah is a skilled, thoughtful and caring facilitator. She manages to simultaneously challenge you while also championing and supporting you. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work and always has a new way of looking at a problem. She is a delight to work with. 



It is so hard to articulate the journey this work will take to you, all I can say is that if you are interested in genuine transformation in your life, then do this workshop. 



One of the most profound experiences of my life. This is something that has the potential to change my life forever - and the lives of those around me.



It exceeded my expectations by far - a truly transformative experience which will change my life forever. I feel an amazing female energy which I will be able to tap into whenever I need. It was incredible how all the participants were different and each had their own issues - some similar and some unique - and how the workshop was structured to address and work with all of them. It has helped me discover a new side of myself which was dormant and which from now on will bring me incredible pleasure and open up a whole new world.


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