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The Power of Pleasure


Hannah Abend and Tristana Lauro are proud to offer this 2.5 day weekend workshop for women who want to heal their heart, awaken their body and cultivate their sensuality and sexual energy. It’s a weekend date with yourself to activate your erotic wisdom for more powerful orgasms, mental and physical health, wisdom, creativity and transcendence.

The Weekend Workshop

  • Quieten your mind and explore the language of your body

  • Tap into an ocean of pleasure within

  • Learn to surrender to sensation and pleasure

  • Discover what you like and how to ask for it

  • Approach sexuality with more joy and playfulness

  • Learn how to have mind-blowing orgasms

  • Celebrate beauty in all its forms

  • Learn how to worship and be worshipped

  • View pleasure as a lifestyle rather than a prize


it is so easy for us to lose sight of the things that bring us pleasure in our daily lives, and so easy to get caught up in the cult of ‘too busy’. this weekend reconnected me to myself, my body and my purpose. the facilitators are inspiring, brilliant, and the workshop was a beautiful mix of creativity, challenge and pure joy.


the power of pleasure has helped me to access a level of sensuality that i thought was totally unavailable to me. i have made genuine connection to my body, and higher self.


the course was described to me as a ‘date with yourself’ , and it felt just like that. it was a chance to slow down, connect with my body and my desires, and to reflect on what i need in my life to actually make space for the pleasure i want. and i now see pleasure as a way to build purpose and connection, and ultimately authentic power.


this workshop has helped me to connect with my body and my feelings as a sexual being. the workshop is so well conducted that time flies and you want more!

Alicia Marzoa

this was another transformative weekend filled with gorgeous, truthful women and unexpected experiences. i laughed and i cried, i felt loved and adored, excited, frustrated, surprised, open, reconciled, wise and unknowing. it did stretch the boundaries of everyone on the course but the sharing between exercises and the openness of everyone made this an experience of sisterhood. lots of love to all who shared this with me!


thank you for opening my eyes. to get to this point i have worked a lot, but to see the next beautiful step in my journey where i know i will experience more is incredible. it is challenging. i am a doer - and it pushes at my raw vulnerability as i now have to truly ask, but it’s going to be ok, and amazing and crazy…


Upcoming Workshops


March 20-22, 2020

Friday 6pm-9pm 

Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm


£630 inclusive of VAT and a special gift

Payable in 1 instalment or 3 monthly instalments of £210

*we also offer discounted rates for women who are low income, unemployed or students

Oftentimes in denying yourself

pleasure you do but store the desire

in the recesses of your being.
Who knows but that which seems omitted today, waits for tomorrow?

Even your body knows its heritage and its rightful need and will not be deceived.
And your body is the harp of your soul,
And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.


Outline of the workshop

friday evening:

Loosen the energy in your body, centre yourself and get grounded in your sexual energy


Learn how to communicate and perform exercises with your body to expand your ability to feel pleasure and create more sensitivity


Learn how to get the most pleasure from sex. practice celebrating beauty and learn how to cultivate worship and be worshipped. 

There will be exercises, sharing and coaching throughout the weekend but the workshop has a strong focus on embodied work. 

If you have any questions, email us at

or if you're ready to join us, apply below

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Your workshop leaders


From a young age Tristana has had a holistic approach to life that has helped her drop a goal-oriented mentality and to enjoy life slowly.

She became a Yoga teacher in her 20s and felt that something important was missing in this beautiful practice. This led her to an exploration of Tantra and other sexuality practices, and eventually she became an intimacy coach and teacher to help other people to tune into their bodies and learn new techniques to expand their ability to feel.

Over the years she has supported thousands of individuals to bring more bliss, awakening and empowerment into their lives and hundreds of couples to create more passionate and deeply connected relationships. 

She is passionate about the highest level of alchemy that can happen in our own body and in the interaction with the world around us.


Hannah is a physicist by training, and during 10 years working as a renewable energy engineer, she learned to fiercely embody her feminine power whilst being assertive and operating successfully in a male-dominated profession.

Hannah is a Co-Active and ORSC qualified coach and specialises in relationship and sexuality with both men and women, focusing on communication, mindset and listening styles.


She has undertaken an intensive exploration and study of the role of sex and sexuality in women's lives for the past 5 years. She has a deep awareness of how important it is for women to be empowered and sexually thrive, and has been facilitating workshops and leading seminars to spread this message.

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