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Creative courage

Promoting creativity through rejection resilience

Hannah Abend and Harriet Minter are excited to offer this one day workshop for those who want to improve their rejection resilience in their careers. 

Fear of rejection stifles creativity, productivity and joy. When we find ourselves not going after the clients, jobs or work we want, a fear of rejection often sits at the back of it. When we've recently experienced setbacks we can find ourselves backing away from trying anything new in case we fail again. Many people struggle to receive feedback, criticism, or have their ideas and desires rejected, without it impacting their sense of self. Over time, continued rejection without the resilience to counter it, can lead to mediocre work and poor mental health. 

In this one day workshop we'll teach you how to build your resilience around rejection, allowing you to keep bringing new ideas to the table, going for what you want and innovating in your work. We’ll help you understand the sources of why rejection is so painful, what it means for you and how you develop true resilience to it. 

You will leave with a resilience toolkit which will help you handle critique and rejection in all areas of your life, including your professional goals. It will teach how to to develop a growth mindset at work and change your response to feedback and failure from fear to playfulness. If you've felt stuck when it comes to expanding your client base, coming up with new ideas or growing your business, then this workshop will help you unlock your creative courage and bring your most innovative self to the forefront. 

The Day Workshop

  • Create your own personal toolkit for creative courage

  • Learn how to untangle your self-worth from the success or failure of your ideas and desires

  • Let go of the need to self-censor

  • Be encouraged to think beyond your boundaries and understand the value in doing so.

  • Develop the bravery to take risks playfully.

  • Come up with creative ways to approach pitching and business development.



Hannah is an expert, deft and powerful coach. Over the course of a weekend, and particularly in one deep exercise, she helped me completely change my mindset and let go of a belief that had been holding me back in the bedroom for well over a decade. I've seen her work with women with a wide range of experiences and trauma and she nurtures them and challenges them in ways that proved time and time again to be profoundly healing.



Hannah is a skilled listener, facilitator and teacher. She brings a lifetime of rich lived and learned experience into the room and knows exactly how and when to draw upon this wisdom for the benefit of all in attendance. She does this all with equal doses of warmth, humour and intellect.



Hannah is an experienced and intuitive facilitator and coach. Her presence means that her workshops are safe, judgement-free, relevant to the people in the room, and exciting. All this happens simply because Hannah listens, asks the right (& often challenging) questions and brings powerful content that she skilfully adapts to what is present in the room. She has a beautiful energy that also helps those suffering to see the light of possibility.



Hannah is a skilled, thoughtful and caring facilitator. She manages to simultaneously challenge you while also championing and supporting you. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work and always has a new way of looking at a problem. She is a delight to work with. 


Upcoming Workshops



Nov 12, 2019



£199 inclusive of VAT

The difference between I am a screwup and I screwed up may look small, but in fact it’s huge.

Many of us will spend our entire lives trying to slog through the shame swampland to get to a place where we can give ourselves permission to both be imperfect and to believe we are enough.

Failure can become our most powerful path to learning if we’re willing to choose courage over comfort.

— Brene Brown

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Your workshop leaders


Harriet is a journalist, broadcaster and trained CTI coach. She specialises in helping individuals understand what makes them tick, what they need to feel they can do their best work and how to boost their self-confidence.


Hannah is a scientist, facilitator and trained CTI and ORSC coach. She specialises in mindset coaching to help clients and teams supercharge their creativity and performance by redefining relationships to failure.




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